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Report Created On: 12/04/2021
Last Evaluated On: 10/25/2008

Patient Name: Sample Patient
Date of Birth: NA     Gender: Male

Subjective History: You can enter a brief description of the presenting problem when you create a record for an individual patient. You can also select up to 4 diagnoses for each problem, and use selection lists and checkboxes to indicate whether some specific risk factors for prolonged recovery are present.

Date of onset: 02/14/2003
Date first seen: 02/19/2003

Duration of symptoms prior to seeking treatment: < 1 Week
Number of prior episodes: None

Identified risk factors for prolonged recovery:
High initial pain rating.
Current Yellow Flags assessment indicates a high level of risk.

Primary Diagnosis: 847.2-Lumbar Sprain/Strain

Visual Analog Scale (VAS) Pain Intensity (0-10 scale) :

Evaluation Date

Pain Rating






Evaluation Date

Score (Impairment)



50% (Severe)



30% (Moderate)



10% (Mild)



18% (Mild)


Change since previous evaluation


Overall change


Score represents % disability in activities of daily living (ADL). Shifts of 10% or more in either direction are required to represent a significant change in the patient's condition. If the score does not improve by at least 10% (absolute change) in any two successive two-week periods, a change in management should be considered.

Current Profile: Descriptive statements endorsed by the patient.
Pain - The pain is mild and does not vary much.
Lifting - I can lift heavy weights, but it causes extra pain.
Sitting - I can only sit in my favorite chair as long as I like.
Personal care - I do not normally change my way of washing or dressing even though it causes some pain.
Walking - Pain prevents me from walking more than one mile.
Standing - I have some pain while standing, but it does not increase with time.
Sleeping - I get pain in bed, but it does not prevent me from sleeping well.
Traveling - I get some pain while traveling, but none of my usual forms of travel make it any worse.
Social life - My social life is normal and gives me no pain.
Changing degree of pain - My pain fluctuates, but overall is definitely getting better.


Interpretation: The patient's current VAS pain rating is more than 10% above the norm of zero (0). However, the patient is reporting a minimal level of impairment in activities of daily living as a result of pain. The present complaint is having a relatively low impact on the patient's functioning and quality of life. If the patient has a sedentary occupation, he or she may experience more problems than others.


Clinical Notes:
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